For Educators

Have you booked your 2015-2016  School Tours and your school's Minnetrista Theatre Preserve performances? 

Teachers, Minnetrista has a wide range of fun-filled educational experiences lined up for your students. We’ve streamlined all the steps for planning your experience: booking your date, preparing your students, and enjoying the magic of immersive interactive learning. From preschool to eighth grade, nature, science,  history, and art—Minnetrista makes it easy for you to give your students educational experiences that are anchored in State Standards.


School Tours:

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Minnetrista offers a variety of multi-disciplinary school tours for Grades Pre-K-8. These programs are active and engaging, while also standards-based and content-rich for your educational demands. Browse the age-appropriate school tours to get started!

Home School
Minnetrista will provide any of our school tours to your home school group of 10 students or more. Programs range for abilities ranging from 4 years to 14 years. See school tours for more details. Pre-registration is required. 



The Experience is worth a thousand words!

Good lesson—It's always great when there are hands-on experiences.
—Jan Addington, Royerton Elementary, Habitat Hunters
Very interactive; Wonderful hands-on experience
—Eastbrook Washington, Earth Exploration Lab
We loved this! Excellent demo. They were really involved.
—Mrs. Fisher, Southside Elementary, Creepy Crawlies
Beautiful sights, and students could put what they were seeing with what they already knew. FANTASTIC!
—Amy Hollowell, Willard Elementary, Community Connections
Thanks for a great day!
—Gary Walter, Eastbrook Washington, Earth Exploration Lab
Loved the hands-on. It gave them an even better understanding.
—Mary Bedel, Westview Elementary, Garden Science
This was a great experience!
—Lynn Glentzer, Southside Elementary, Creepy Crawlies
Loved it all!
—Mrs. Smith, Southside Elementary, Creepy Crawlies