School Tours: Sensory Science

Sensory Science


Year Round; 60-minute experience

Your students will explore shapes, colors, patterns, colors and more through the use of their five senses.


Choose from these three tracks:

Nature - Discovery through the use of bones, pelts, bird calls and gardens

Art - Discovery through various art and music pieces

History - Discovery through artifacts, relics and models

All tracks will include a take-home craft.


What will my students learn?

Patterns, shapes and colors can be found in everyday items in the world around us

Objects, models and examples can help us to understand the “real things” better

Practice creating a project by following step-by-step directions


Preschool Foundations

Language Arts F.7.1, F.7.4, F.7.5, F.7.8, F.7.10, F.7.11, F.7.12

Mathematics F.1.2, F.3.2, F.3.3, F.3.6, F.3.7, F.3.10, F.4.6, F.4.7,
F.4.8, F.4.9, F.4.11, F.4.12, F.4.18, F.4.19, F.5.2, F.5.3,

Science F.1.2, F.1.3, F.1.5, F.1.9, F.2.3, F.2.7, F.2.8, F.2.10,
F.3.1, F.3.2, F.3.13F.4.2, F.4.3, F.4.4

Social Studies F.2.2, F.3.36

Each track may have additional foundations associated with it.