School Tours: Garden Exploration

Garden Exploration


April 2–June 8; 60-minute experience

Become a botanist as we explore the science and history of flowers while strolling through beautiful gardens. Explore the folklore and historical uses behind some of our garden’s most pungent and pretty flowers.


What will my students do?

Dissect a flower

Plant a seed to take home

Stroll through our gardens and find out how people use plants


What will my students learn?

A plant is a living thing that needs soil, water and sunlight to grow and stay alive

Plants are an important part of our lives– for aesthetics, food, and medicine

Different parts of a plant perform different functions, there’s a system


Preschool Foundations

Language Arts F.7.3, F.7.4, F.7.10, F.7.32, F.7.41

Mathematics F.5.17, F.4.6, F.4.18, F.5.11, F.5.16, F.6.1, F.5.2, F.5.18

Science F.1.8, F.1.5, F.1.3, F.2.4

Social Studies F.1.4, F.2.2