Minnetrista Theatre Preserve FAQ

What is the mission of this program?

Minnetrista Theatre Preserves (MTP) is a touring theatre group that provides an easy way to incorporate the art of theatre into learning. MTP aims to offer schools a hassle-free and lower cost field trip experience by bringing professional theatre productions into the classroom, with shows built upon educational standards.

What standards do the programs cover?

The standards covered change with each new show MTP adds to the outreach program. See show descriptions for listings of state standards. 

What is the length of each program?

Each performance is forty-five minutes plus an additional fifteen-minute Q&A with the actors.

Is there a possibility of financial assistance for groups that cannot afford the prices? Or reduced rates based on percentage of free and reduced lunch?

If you are interested in our program, but are in need of financial assistance, please contact the Theatre and Outreach Manager, Josh Moore, to further discuss possibilities. 

How far in advance should we book a performance?

One month prior to the desired performance date is preferable. Two weeks prior to performance date is required.

What is the maximum number of students that can attend each performance?

For theatre assembly performances, the maximum audience number is 250 students. For groups with more than 250 students, a second performance may be added at a discounted rate. Classroom performances have a maximum of 50 students.

Does the capacity include the number of adults?

The maximum performance capacity is based on the amount of students for each performance, and does not include adults.

Is there a certain time of day, or are there particular days of the week MTP prefers to schedule performances?

MTP is open for bookings any day of the week or weekend. The earliest you can book a performance is 8 a.m. MTP is open for school performances and can accommodate after-school programs as well. For library performances, MTP is able to perform on Saturdays and can do evening performances as late as 8 p.m.

Do we need to have an auditorium in the building to book a show?

MTP can perform in an auditorium, gym, cafeteria, or any space that will accommodate the MTP set and your audience.

What equipment/space do I need to provide for the show?

  • Access to a bathroom near the performance area
  • Access to loading doors near the performance area
  • Access to power outlet near the playing space
  • 20ft wide x15ft deep performance area
  • 2 water bottles would be appreciated but are not required

How can I prepare for the show?

It is always good to talk with your students about theatre etiquette before attending a show, as it will allow the other students to fully engage in the experience. However, in addition to being respectful of the production, MTP greatly encourages students to actively participate both through verbal and physical interaction during shows.

Do you accommodate for disabilities?

Yes, but MTP asks that you inform the Minnetrista staff of any special needs situations at the time of booking. MTP does bring a sound system that is helpful to any audience members who are hearing impaired. MTP aims to include all audiences and enjoys working with groups that may have audience members with disabilities to provide a show that will be fun and fulfilling to all interested in MTP productions.

What should my group expect from MTP upon arrival of performers? How early will actors arrive before actual show time?

When MTP actors arrive, they will check in at the front office and request access to both the nearest loading doors as well as the nearest bathroom to the performance area. MTP requires actors to arrive 1 ½ hours prior to performance time, depending on each performance.  Within this time actors will unload the van, set up the sound equipment and set, change into costumes, and complete any other last minute responsibilities in order to provide a successful show.

Will any of these performances be at Minnetrista?

MTP outreach performances are used to reach schools that may not be able to leave as easily as others, to attend a performance. Although MTP prefers to perform productions at the audience’s own location, onsite performances that correlate with school tours are encouraged. Contact the Theatre and Outreach Manager, Josh Moore, if you are interested in booking a tour with a correlating onsite performance.