Library Resources

Check Out Minnetrista!

For more than 15 years Minnetrista has donated Family Passes for free admission to the Muncie Public Library.  Library patrons can check out the passes like any other book or media and return the pass after use.  More than 2,000 people have used these passes, bringing the resources of Minnetrista to the public in a more accessible and affordable way.

The success of the program has prompted Minnetrista to extend the program to libraries across East Central Indiana. Many libraries have welcomed the opportunity to provide this program to their community.

Library passes are available at participating libraries in East Central Indiana. Ask you librarian about the Minnetrista Family Day Pass. Check it out and come check us out!


Casey’s Clubhouse

Casey's Clubhouse Explorers are a fantastic group of kids who love to learn about new places and things. Minnetrista is an amazing place to explore. Kids can start by exploring Casey's Clubhouse, then go dig around in the gardens, exhibits, Nature Area, and their own backyards! Check out a Casey's Clubhouse Tool Kit, and tell us how the tools helped you explore.

Visit Maring Hunt and Kennedy Libraries in Muncie to check out a Casey’s Clubhouse Tool Kit!


Jill's GIANT Adventure

A Minnetrista Original

June 1, 2015–June 4, 2016
Grades K–5

Jill’s GIANT Adventure is bound to inspire kids. Jill, who is called to save her brother Jack from a giant, goes on a thrilling adventure. Both she and Jack explore their own capacity for courage and empathy as they discover what it really means to be a hero.

Spectacular sets, interesting characters, and charming puppets engage children and families as their experience this enchanting adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Performances are 45 minutes—followed by a 15-minute Q & A session with the actors.