Minnetrista is a museum and cultural center that opened to the public in 1988. Minnetrista offers exhibits and programs that focus on nature, history, gardens, and art. The 40-acre campus includes beautiful gardens and grounds, a modern museum facility, an historic home, Nature Area, numerous sculptures, and much more.
Being an intern at Minnetrista can be the first step in the development of your career. Internships offer you the chance to integrate classroom theory with career-related work experience. Interns have made strong contributions to the success and growth of Minnetrista. We are proud to offer diverse learning opportunities to the students of East Central Indiana and beyond. We look forward to working with you!  Contact us for more information.

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Intern Testimonial:

What I’ve appreciated about my internship in Collections is the fact that I get to work on different projects. I get to experience and learn a lot of different skills, like how to handle, clean, and package objects so that they’re preserved. I’m allowed the freedom to start a project from beginning to end and learn the entire process.

I like getting a new archival collection, because it’s just a box and I don’t know what’s in it. It’s my job to take this box of chaotic documents that have no organization and organize them into a story that makes sense.

It’s great experience and great on-the-job training, makes me valuable to future employers in the museum world and archives world.

—Erin Bretz







I wrote a lot of press releases and worked on radio spots that got sent out. My big project was Spadea Wrap, the cover for the newspaper, which involved going to different events at Minnetrista and interviewing visitors about their experiences.

One of the projects we finished is the provenance cards for The Orchard Shop. I really liked that because I got to call and talk to the local vendors that sell their products in The Orchard Shop and learn more about why they make their products. I think it’s important for people who visit The Orchard Shop to learn more about the vendors.

This internship has given me hands-on experience and taken everything I’ve talked about in the classroom, as a student and as an instructor, at Ball State and put it into practice. I know as an instructor, I tell my students all the time that you have to be audience-centered and always think about your audience, especially if you’re trying to persuade them. With this internship, I did that first-hand, like writing press releases, and adapting my language to the audience that will receive it. I think it will benefit me in the future and it will give me skills that will make me more employable in the future. —Alexandra Panas 



Internship Opportunities at Minnetrista 

Exhibit Design Intern 

Positions available: One
Duration: 2 month minimum 
Stipend may be provided

You will gain experience in the installation of exhibits, including some aspects of planning, design of exhibitions, including graphics, labels, and some structural design. You will gain experience in the coordination of traveling exhibits, and provide maintenance of all exhibit spaces as required. Some research may be required in regard to exhibit materials and new products.

Ideally, you should be organized, creative, and have a background in museum studies, graphic design, architecture, art, or carpentry/woodworking. Must be willing to learn new skills and work in a team environment. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Internet Explorer is beneficial. Some experience with publishing or design software is preferred. Must be able to lift 20 pounds.  


School Programming Internship
Positions available: One
Durations: One Semester
Stipend Provided

Provide support to the Education Department with development, facilitation and assessment of school programs.

Duties include:

  • assist with the development, facilitation and assessment of school programs
  • collaborate with staff from various programming teams
  • develop and design activities
  • develop and obtain supplies and materials needed
  • research background information
  • assist with coordination of the event when applicable and collect feedback data as needed other duties may be assigned


The ideal candidate will have basic experience with project management.  Have knowledge or experience with education, non-profits and/or team leadership.  Familiarity with Indiana state educational standards is helpful.  The intern must be able to work independently with minimal supervision, as well as collaboratively and be able to communicate well verbally and in writing.  Familiarity with Microsoft Office and Outlook is a plus.


Research Internship 
Positions available: One
Durations: One Semester
Stipend Provided

The new Oakhurst house visitor experience will include three characters based on (1) George A. Ball; (2) Mrs. Woodworth, mother-in-law of George Ball; and (3) a fictional composite character representing a cook/housemaid. The intern in this position will do historical research that will inform the development of these characters and other interpretive elements of the experience. The research will be conducted using resources both in the Minnetrista Heritage Collection and in other repositories.

 Main duty:

  • Do historical research that will be used to develop interpretation for the Oakhurst House visitor experience including three possible first-person characters.

Other duties may include:

  •  Locate purchase sources for reproductions of books collected by George and Elisabeth Ball.
  • Scan a selection of primary source material in the Minnetrista Heritage Collection.

Qualifications: To perform this internship successfully an individual must have excellent research and writing skills.  Pursuing a degree in arts and humanities is a plus. Must possess excellent organizational and orderly thinking skills. An important requirement of the position is the ability to work without constant supervision. A valid driver’s license is required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Natural Areas Management Intern

Positions available: One
Duration: 200 hour minimum
Stipend will be provided

You will work directly with the Minnetrista’s gardeners to gain hands-on experience maintaining Minnetrista’s natural areas.  This will include but not be limited to chemical applications, manual removal of invasive plants, native plant installation and various other natural areas related maintenance tasks.  In addition, you will also be assigned an independent project that will be completed during your internship.  The project will be determined based on your interests and our needs.  You will take part in Plant of the Week, a weekly walk where all participants share information about a plant that they have researched.

The requirements of the job include the ability to work outside in varying weather conditions, and to work independently.  An interest in the natural environment is a must.  Course work in natural resource management and plant identification is beneficial. You must have an interest in having training on safe chemical usage. Must be reliable and work well with both staff and volunteers.


Horticulture Intern

Positions available: One
Duration: 200 hours minimum
Stipend will be provided

Provide support to the Horticulture Department, while gaining hands on experience working in our diverse public gardens. Increase your plant knowledge of perennials, annuals, trees and shrubs. Develop an understanding of the role of a public garden and the work involved in maintaining one.  Learn how to operate equipment used in garden maintenance.  Assist with the propagation, planting, and care of plant material that occurs on Minnetrista’s campus. Participate in Plant of the Week, a weekly walk where all participants share information about a plant that they have researched. Participant will also complete an independent project based on their individual interests and Minnetrista’s needs.   


Permaculture Intern

Positions available: one
Duration: 200 hours minimum / May through August
Stipend will be provided

Assist in the maintenance and expansion of the permaculture garden at Minnetrista – an educational demonstration of permaculture techniques and a source of sustainable food.  Expand your knowledge of permaculture practices, plant care, and garden design as you perform daily maintenance of the site. Take an integral role in the development of the garden by completing an independent project based on your learning interests and site needs. Projects could include implementing planting designs, creation of garden structures, and development of recommendations. Work with horticultural resources, landscape equipment, mentors, and peers to facilitate your project. Communicate with Ball State Permaculture Initiative by attending meetings and helping to coordinate cooperative efforts.

The requirements of the job include the ability to work outside in varying weather conditions, and to work independently.  An interest in horticulture and gardening is a must. Strong preference for candidates involved in Ball State Permaculture Initiative, or interested the permaculture immersive learning class. Must be reliable and work well with both staff and volunteers.