Faeries, Sprites and Lights Contest Entry Form

Faeries, Sprites and Lights Contest Entry Form

We're giving away free Family Passes (up to four persons*) to Faeries, Sprites & Lights at Minnetrista, July 8 & 9!

The rules are simple:
Enter a favorite faerie photograph (jpg, pdf or gif)
Write a short story about "Your Experience with Faeries, Sprites & Lights at Minnetrista" 
Complete the submission form below

That's it! We'll randomly select three winners from the qualifying entries and announce the winners July 7! We will contact you to make sure you can accept the prize. If you do not respond to collect  your prize before July 7, we will randomly select another winner. ALL qualifying entries will be posted to our blog, so check back soon to see if your entry has been posted. We're looking forward to reading your stories!

*Value of up to $25. Passes cannot be redeemed for cash. By submitting your story, you give Minnetrista the right to use your name, photograph and story on our Web site and other media. We will never disclose your personal information or email address. 

kid in faerie wings

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Upload Your Photo (jpg, gif or pdf)
Write a Short Description of Your Experience With Faeries! (Ideas: Have you been to a faerie tea party before? If so, tell us about it; Describe a favorite moment or story from a past year at Faeries, Sprites & Lights at Minnetrista; Tell us what you're most looking forward to this year at Faeries, Sprites & Lights!)