2012 Camp Minnetrista: Week 4

2012 Camp Minnetrista: Week 4

July 16 - 20, 2012    |    8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Stephanie Dilk, Education Manager
(765) 287-3528


Morning Classes 8–12
Enchanted Garden Creatures
Grades 1-3
Investigate myths about faeries, sprites, garden gnomes, pukwudgies and more! You will make and decorate garden gnomes, create faerie and sprite decorations, and weave magical creature stories. One of the Faerie Friends from Faeiries, Sprites, and Lights at Minnetrista will visit you!

Cupboard Creations
Grades 4-6
Ever wonder how the sauce got into the jar, or how fruit rollups became so stretchy? Explore how to make food last in cans, jars, and freezers!

Afternoon Classes 1–5

Supermarket Scientists
Grades 1–3
Perform experiments that will amaze your friends and family with items you can find in the grocery store, pantry, and refrigerator. Did you know you can separate the colors in Kool-Aid mix with just water and coffee filters, or grow gems out of sugar? Find out how your kitchen can become a chemistry lab!

Living Comic Book!
Grades 4–6
Use Minnetrista’s digital and video cameras to capture scenery, action, people, and anything else that catches the eye! Sharpen your creative skills to make and edit your own living comic book starring you!

Camp Minnetrista 2012 Brochure and Registration Form 


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