2012 Camp Minnetrista: Week 3

2012 Camp Minnetrista: Week 3

July 9 - 13, 2012    |    8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Stephanie Dilk, Education Manager
(765) 287-3528


Morning Classes 8–12
Puzzling Adventures!
What is silly, full of questions and tons of fun? This camp class, of course! Riddles, puzzles and mazes will help us to learn and explore. Walk through a life-size maze, learn a new riddle every day, and put together huge puzzles! 


Sounds Good To Me!
Grades 1-3
You are going to get rowdy and explore the science of noise! Find out where sound comes from, test your own ears to understand how they work—then discover different ways to create sound. You will explore all of the sounds around us each day through music, media, technology, and nature.

Mysterious Minnetrista
Grades 4-6

Join the caper of the missing Ball Jar! Investigations will require you to probe into the history of the Ball family and their homes. Then, using your newly acquired expert forensic skills and interrogation techniques, solve the “whodunit!”

Afternoon Classes 1–5

Gifts From the Garden!
Grades 1–3  
Gifts from the garden are more than just what we grow and harvest. You will learn to make potpourri and arrange fresh flowers into colorful bouquets. Also, learn about other kinds of non-traditional gardens anyone can have and how to care for them.

Art with Glass
Grades 4–6
Working with glass is an art, a science, and a skill. In this class you will learn about glass as you complete at least one glass project each day. You will etch, melt, decorate, fuse, and paint with glass.

Camp Minnetrista 2012 Brochure and Registration Form 


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