Casey's Clubhouse

Become a Casey's Clubhouse Explorer today and start discovering!

 Welcome to casey's clubhouse!

Casey's Clubhouse Explorers are a fantastic group of kids who love to learn about new places and things. Minnetrista is an amazing place to explore. Kids can start by exploring Casey's Clubhouse, then go dig around in the gardens, exhibits, Nature Area, and their own backyards!

Step 1: Sign-up!

Fill out the sign-up form and mail it in with a parent or guardian's  signature.

Step 2: explore!

Start earning points by emailing Casey, completing challenges and attending programs! Trade points in for awesome prizes.

Download an explorer sign-up form!


 What is Casey's Clubhouse?

Casey has a special clubhouse at Minnetrista where kids can explore all kinds of things and meet new friends. Casey's Clubhouse is a great place for you and your kids to play together! Visit the clubhouse any time you are at Minnetrista. Play, discover, leave notes for Casey.. it's fun!


Why Should Your Child explore?

Babies and children learn through experience! Tasting, smelling, touching, hearing--our senses help us explore the world. Children are instinctively curious and exploring is how they understand new things. Now that your child is older, he or she can explore in even more fun and exciting ways, using their senses to gather information about animals, strange objects, new places and events.


How do explorers earn points?

Have fun discovering and earning points to trade for exciting prizes. Here are just a few ways Explorers can earn points:

  Visit Minnetrista's exhibits and daily activities

Complete an Explorer Journal (ask at the visitor's desk!)

Donate something for the Clubhouse (No animals, please!)

Tell a friend how to become a Casey's Clubhouse Explorer

Check out a Casey's Clubhouse Tool Kit, and tell us how the tools helped you explore

Send an e-mail or write to Casey if you have questions about becoming a Casey's Clubhouse Explorer:

Casey’s Clubhouse

1200 N. Minnetrista Pkwy. 

Muncie, IN 47303