Ashley's Going to Workshop It Out

Ashley's Going to Workshop It Out

Posted by: Ashley Lichtenbarger on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 7:00:00 am

Sometimes I think it’d be fun to have random blog posts to see if people can guess what I do for a living because it is so varied. Some days, I take 25 kids out to the nature area and teach them about how animals and plants adapt to their environment. Other days, I watch documentaries with a group of adults. Then, some days, I facilitate creative workshops for adults. I love the variety. However, the creativity harnessed in the workshops is definitely a highlight for me. I love to be able to use my own creativity while helping others find theirs in a variety of ways. The workshops that Minnetrista offers focus on two main topics: canning/food preservation and glass art.

On April 17th and 19th we had a great workshop at which we designed a mosaic light block. On the first day, we offered templates for people to use for designs but also encouraged people to create their own designs. Participants chose some of both. All of the designs turned out very different but the colors chosen and creations made were magnificent!  After creating the design the glass pieces were chosen and cut to fit. Then, the glass was glued on and left to dry until the second day of the workshop.

On day two of the workshop, we had a shorter session where we all mixed our own grout and filled in all of the spaces in between the glass. The grouting process definitely changed the look of each piece. The general consensus was that the grout added a lot to each design.

The next workshop we have focuses on food preservation. Minnetrista’s connection to the Ball family (you know, the people who made all those jars!) makes this a perfect place to learn about canning. We will have a Strawberry Kiwi Margarita Jam workshop that takes place on May 22. After trying this recipe I knew that I wanted to pass it along! The flavor of this freezer jam is unique and the color is very bright and lovely. 

At this workshop we’ll discuss some history of food preservation and different techniques that are advised. Then, we’ll make some of the jam. Each person will take a jar of the freezer jam home with them to enjoy on bread, waffles, ice cream (that’s my favorite way!), or however they’d like. Reserve your spot today to join the fun! 

Ashley Lichtenbarger is an Educator in the Programs department at Minnetrista. She’s been at Minnetrista since April 2011. When not at work Ashley enjoys walking her dog and spending time with friends and family.

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