2012 Casey's Clubhouse Art Show Winners!

2012 Casey's Clubhouse Art Show Winners!

Posted by: Casey on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 10:00:00 am

I can’t believe how talented all of you Explorers are. The artwork in the 2012 Casey’s Clubhouse Art Show is so amazing!!

104 explorers turned in their artwork for the show this year. Everyone from the little kids in the 5 years and under category up to the big 13 year olds made super cool works. Markers, paint, glued paper, and even glass and Legos were used. Some made calm pictures, others made busy ones.  Some worked to make their pictures look like the real thing, others didn’t.

All the great artwork made it really hard to pick top winners for each age category.  After looking at all the art for a long time I found ones that stood out.  The winner’s pictures really showed that the Explorer was exploring their world thru art and getting to know the art supplies they used. Here is who I picked and what I thought about what they made:

   5yrs & under  6yrs-9yrs  10yrs-13yrs
1st Place  
  1stDragons & Swords by Julian—This one looks just like a big battle of people with swords fighting dragons. The lines keep my eye moving around the picture and make it seem like it is really happening.  1stThe Girl by Karissa—The girl in the picture looks like she is staring at me. She did a great job of making it look like the girl’s hair is moving.  1stAll the World’s a Stage by Ester—Wow this must have taken tons of time. All the sequins pieces are pretty and look like lights on a stage. I like that it tells a story. I can imagine watching this play. 
 2nd Place      
  2ndGhost by Emme –All the colors are fun and then BOO, a dark black spot jumps up in the picture. 2ndJungle Sunset by Zane—All the mix of colors look like the sky during sunset. It was good to see that he used so many different things to make the picture. The jumping frogs are fun too.  2ndUnfinished Symphony by Elizabeth—This picture makes me hear music—the kind the wind makes. All the layers of paint and colors make the flower pop out from the paper. 
3rd Place
    3rdRobot Mobile by Noah --I liked this one because robots have lots of different parts just like the artwork.  It also moves, just like robots do.   3rdCartoon Guy by Nicodemus –This picture has really cool lines.  They are so neat. I can tell that each line took time to make.   3rdMy Grandparent’s Farm by Aleah—The lines in this drawing make me want to run up the driveway to the house. It makes me feel like I am really there on a sunny day.  

Be sure to have your grown-ups bring you in to Minnetrista to see this exhibit.  While you are there you can also check out the artwork adults made for the 22nd Minnetrista Annual Juried Art Show & Sale. In that exhibit there is jewelry, paintings, photos, and even furniture.

Again, great job Explorers.  I am so happy to see that you all like art just like I do.  It is a fun thing to do and a great way to share what you explore with others.  Keep making art and exploring.

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