A Faerie Sighting!

A Faerie Sighting!

Posted by: Sherry Berry on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 12:00:00 am

Two years ago while attending the Faeries,Sprites & Lights Festival with my then 5 year old granddaughter I had a most wonderous experience. First let me say that I have been attending this event since it began. My little girl was about seven when she attended the workshops and events. They were taught by a graceful ballet teacher to walk and pose, they made their own wands and learned to apply sparkling dust and makeup to make them look like real fairies. That little girl is now 22 and to this day she still cherishes those memories. 

As usual I was the last to leave on that hot summer night in 2009, the others had to use the washroom one last time before we headed home, as soon as they were out of sight I heard a slight rustle in the plants,behind one of those adorable little houses that were scattered about. I stayed quiet and off to the side, thinking it was a chipmunk or mouse looking for a nibble of popcorn or candy that had been dropped. From the side of this house came the smallest creature, and as it neared the edge of the brush it started to grow larger and larger until it was the size of an average child. I'm sure that I looked quite silly with my mouth wide open and my eyes popping out of my head, because the pretty little creature giggled a giggle that sounded like the tinkling of hundreds of tiny bells. I must have scared her when I grabbed my camera and snapped this picture, a very serious look came over her face as if to say "don't photograph me" she then slid off the wall and into the fog. Some believe me, some do not, I think that the fairies would rather you didn't. 



[Wow, Sherry, A faerie sighting! Amazing.

Winners of the contest will be announced at 2 p.m. on facebook.. stay tuned... it's almost time!]

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