A Very, Faerie Tea Party!

A Very, Faerie Tea Party!

Posted by: Deborah Miller on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 12:00:00 am

mom and daughter at fairy tea party

My daughter, Brenley, and I attend FS&L every year, and every year it gets better and better. The highlight for us is always the Fairy Tea Party - I love the tiny cucumber sandwiches, and Brenley loves the chocolate-dipped strawberries. It's been fun over the years trying to teach her the proper tea-party etiquette! The best part of it all is the memories we've made - putting on her wings and a sprinkle of "fairy dust" glitter, searching through the enchanted forests for tiny fairy homes, walking the paths lit by luminaries with fairy music floating in the air, and the pure simple happiness that comes from just being together.  



[Deborah & Brenley, cheers! Love the happy smiles :) ]

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